Our Appeal to Expand the "Newborn Screening Programme for Inborn Errors of Metabolism"

The government’s existing “Newborn Screening Programme for Inborn Errors of Metabolism” has allowed parents to detect whether  their newborns carry hereditary diseases.

Although the plan covers 31 IEM disorders and rare diseases, the current screening does not include lysosomal storage diseases (LSD). We are now seeking the government to expand the scope of screening to LSDs, so that more patients can benefit from the programme.

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This is a story of a little bean,
and a story of a little group of people.

香港黏多醣症暨罕有遺傳病互助小組 / 香港黏多醣症暨罕有遗传病互助小组 / Hong Kong Mucopolysaccharidoses & Rare Genetic Diseases Mutual Aid Group

Summer has come. Beans fall on to the soil in the garden, waiting to grow up. Just like everyone else, Beanie works hard everyday. He eats. He sunbathes. He exercises. And he dreams of growing up, as every other bean does.

But he doesn’t grow much taller….

…“No growing, life’s ending” is the doctors’ prophecy to him.

This is usually the beginning of the story for Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) patients. Like other rare genetic diseases, this disease is hard to diagnose prior to pregnancy, and medical treatment is extremely costly. Many patients and parents are exhausted. Is this a joke on their genes? Is this a test of resolution imposed by destiny?

They have small bodies, but their dreams are big, and they never give up moving forward.

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